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 Shenzhen yurt Department of Trade and Industry Bureau fur firm registered professional management of natural fur firm, selected the "natural fur home accessories" and "natural fur woven clothing" as the main product of the firm.
Home accessories to the natural fur fur clothing from the traditional areas of introduction to the home field, to your home to add more from the natural beauty of the art, adding more unique personality and taste. Sheep, fox, rex rabbit, mink and other natural green fur made from the root of the pillow, carpet, leather-shaped, combination bed blankets, as well as mink, rex rabbit take the hand-woven bed, elegant and magnificent.
Natural woven fur fur clothing to keep warm from the traditional function-oriented toward the main fashion trend, it is to all kinds of valuable raw materials such as fur: mink, rex rabbit fur cut thin strips, hand-woven into both light and soft a variety of shawls, scarves and other apparel; it conforms to the trend of world environmental protection, changing the animal's original form, is the crystallization of the hard work of the people; its products both beautiful and stylish.
Our firm adhering to the "innovation, integrity, diligence, service" business philosophy. Is the many large furniture company and supplier of many high-end stores, products are sold to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Britain, Japan and other overseas countries and various parts of China. 39,40,41,42,43,44 consecutive session in Hong Kong participated in the industrial exhibition, and fur the 40th Hong Kong Products Expo sponsor. Participated in the 23,24,25 th consecutive Shenzhen International Furniture Fair. Products by our customers and consumers welcome! October 2006, Leather Industry Association of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen, Guangdong Footwear Manufacturers Association awarded the yurt fur "fur leather top five in Guangdong" title.
Shenzhen, the firm is now fur and leather garments Leather Industry Association Professional Committee member, warmly welcome our customers and consumers to come to study, discuss business and consumer!




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