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Lamb,fox,mink,rex rabbit fur cushion
Use mink rex rabbit fur to knit shawl
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  Shenzhen yurt Department of Trade and Industry Bureau fur firm registered professional management of natural fur firm, selected the "natural fur home accessories" and "natural fur woven clothing" as the main product of the firm.        Home accessories to the natural fur fur clothing from the traditional areas of introduction to the home field, to your home to add more from the natural beauty of the art, adding more unique personality and taste. Sheep, fox, rex rabbit, min..

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A3-007 青根貂 55X55cm单面抱枕
A3-008 mink、otter、Ao..
A3-008 青根貂四匹地毯或床配搭毯230X110cm
rex rabbite fur
A4-007 rex兔单面抱枕 55X55cm

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